When to Consider Breast Reduction with Andrew Miller MD

If some women wish to increase their breast volume more than others, it may be due to certain aesthetic factors. However, those who want to reduce their breasts may be experiencing something called “breast hypertrophy”. In what cases can breast reduction be considered? The answers to your questions are listed below. If a question or answer cannot be found in this article, schedule a consult with andrew miller md to discuss further options.

Mammary hypertrophy and the genes that cause it

Mammary hypertrophy corresponds to an importance of the mammary volume in relation to the morphology of women. In the long term, this surplus could lead to a fall in the breasts. This excessive volume can also cause a change in the woman’s posture, which then tends to keep their shoulders curved inwards. Some may even experience some difficulty sleeping, dressing, walking or running. Others are marked by complexities that society puts on them.

A possible alternative: breast reduction

To remedy problems related to enlargement, a solution exists in the form of breast reduction. This procedure consists in correcting the patient’s hypertrophy and ptosis (fall in the breasts). Practiced under general anesthesia, it lasts only three hours. This option respects the physiology of women while avoiding unnecessary scarring. During surgery, the nipple will be moved upward to remove excess gland and skin. The areola will then be returned to its new place and a suture using resorbable wires will follow.

When to consider breast reduction?

It is generally recommended to use breast reduction only in extreme cases. This is particularly the case when the woman prone to hypertrophy suffers from severe back and/or shoulder pain. At the end of puberty, hypertrophy can also cause psychological difficulties in adolescents and, thus, may require surgery. Another case for considering the use of breast reduction is that of women who, following their pregnancy, suffers from breast hypertrophy, resulting in ptosis. Mammary hypertrophy can also affect some women who have reached menopause. Note that breast reduction is an intervention that can be performed as early as 16 years of age. To determine which option is best for you, contact Andrew Miller or your local plastic surgeon today.

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