Fruits Aren’t Completely Bad for Diabetics, But There Are Some Reservations

Fruit is widely considered a bad food item for diabetics. Yet, this distinction seems too all-encompassing and a little unreasonable. What is wrong with a serving of fruit? Diabetics need to be wary of the form it takes and the amount of sugar present.

Fruit as Fruit- Not as a Flavor

It is true that diabetics are sensitive to fruit, but it is not exactly the fruit itself that is cause for concern. It is the sugars, which some fruits are very high in. When fruits are added to smoothies and juices, they are often complemented with high levels of sugar. It is not uncommon for some common grocery juices to have as much sugar per serving as a comparable soda.

Diabetics need to be concerned over fruit juices. The fruits, in their whole and natural form, are generally fine. Many people want fruit as a sort of flavoring for a sugar-filled beverage, and that is where a problem can occur.

Fruit is very high in vital fibers. Diabetics will likely be fine with having a fruit serving a day. But, patients should also consult with the staff at the local community Lahey Hospital for a personalized plan. Diabetes is something that is too often misunderstood. Just like the fruit that can exasperate it, diabetes comes in many forms. No two patient scenarios are exactly the same.

Other Myths Related to this All-Too Common

Diabetics are commonly suggested to trade one carbohydrate for another. This can be disastrous as the effect of the various carbohydrates on the body are not unlike that of sugar. This is not a balanced meal plan and may constitute future health problems related to the ailment.

Patients should work with the staff at Lahey Hospital to learn about what works and what most certainly does not in the pursuit of a well-rounded nutritional plan. Patients can find some Lahey Hospital information available on Twitter. The Internet is filled with a lot of advice. The best strategy is to find a reliable contact at the local hospital and work with them on a customized nutritional plan. Diabetes is very manageable, but not with an influx of wrong data or a lack of a solid strategy.

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